Coloring Outside The Lines.

That's what we're doing these days. We're feeling a little frisky, a little . . . extra. And our spring offerings reflect that. Kathy over at Katalina's Cupcakes is going to share her baking secrets with us; when we're finished we'll return to the shop to crochet our own sweet take-home cupcakes. And speaking of crochet, Beverly Army Williams will return in May to teach us how to make her signature crochet clothesline basket. We'll play around with broomstick lace, we'll host our annual Whitney Avenue knitbomb, and we'll throw that weekend-long party called Shop Hop 2017. Hang on, it's going to be so much fun!

Needless to say, we also we have new yarns, new patterns, new energy for the season. We're happy, we're lucky, we're raring to go. Come see us!

Julia, June, and Linda

Unfinished Business:

Get Your WIPs Untangled!

Unfinished Business: Get Your WIPs Untangled!We all have a knitting work-in-progress that has us stuck. Maybe it's been on the back burner for too long and we just lost our mojo. Maybe we made a mistake and we can't fix it. Maybe we went back to an old charted project and couldn't remember where we were. It happens! Whatever has you tangled up in your knitting, come in and let Chloe get you straightened out. As long as you have a pattern and the supplies you started with, we should be able to help diagnose the problem, troubleshoot a solution, and cheer you back towards the finish line. C'mon, reclaim your knitting--you'll feel great!

Thursday, May 4th May 18th!

We rescheduled this course for the same day of the week, same time, now two weeks later!

Broomstick Lace Crochet:

The Morningside Infinity Scarf

Broomstick Lace Crochet
Okay, we admit, we had never heard of this crochet technique before--we generally try and stay away from broomsticks! But when we saw Rachel working her magic with colorful, fingering-weight yarn and a simple crochet hook (no sweeping!), we knew we were . . . hooked. Broomstick lace is a traditional technique that creates an open, lacy fabric, with beautiful drape for accessories. It's perfect for that skein of hand-dye you've been saving, and the lightweight Morningside Infinity Scarf will be a lovely accessory for warmer days to come.

Sunday, May 7th

Learn To Knit!

Learn to KnitWe want YOU to join us on the great adventure that is knitting. We like to say that knitting is a house with many doors. Maybe you love color, and the way one tone mingles with another in a handknitted piece. Maybe you love texture, and the feel of soofffffffft against your skin. Maybe you're in it for fashion, and creating the look you love. Or maybe you're curious about a traditional craft that has its own ethnic, regional, or family history. Whatever door you choose, there's a place for you in the house of knitting! Come join us for a relaxed introduction among friends. We'll take two Saturday mornings to teach you the basics: knit, purl, casting on, and binding off. You'll start a scarf of your own--and the creative journey of a lifetime!

Saturdays, May 20th and June 3rd

World's Best Crocheted Rope Basket

(You're Welcome!)

World's Best Crocheted Rope BasketIn our world, we say everyone is the boss of their knitting and crochet. Your way, your shape, your size, your color!

Enter Beverly Army Williams, crocheter and teacher extraordinaire, and her super-friendly, stylish, and adaptable Crocheted Rope Basket. All you need is medium weight cotton (we love Cascade Ultra Pima), a crochet hook, and everyday clothesline (provided!) to fashion a custom piece you'll want to display immediately. Beverly will lead us through a mini sample rope basket in class. We'll practice all the skills needed to customize this pattern to our own decor: crocheting with rope, modifying the shape and size, building the basket's sides, and making handles. We'll then design our own basket, figure out stitch count for the size we want, and dive right into building the base. We'll look at how using different yarn allows you to make a soft-sided (great for squishing onto shelves) or firm basket, and how this technique can be used to make placemats, coasters, or chair pads.

Sunday, May 21st

Cupcakes Times Two

A Baking/Making Adventure

Cupcakes Times Two: A Baking/Making AdventureWe've teamed up with Kathy Reigelmann, of New Haven's Katalina's Cupcakes, and Rachelle Castigione, of Sugar Pop Crochet, to make a daylong adventure we're calling BAKE IT/MAKE IT. We'll start the day at Katalina's, where Kathy will teach us the secrets to her luscious, award-winning cupcakes. We'll bake, eat, and then stroll down the block to the shop, where we'll meet up for a crocheted cupcake workshop with Rachelle. With her pattern and expert guidance, learn the basics of crocheting a sweet treat, complete with icing, sprinkles, and a cherry! You'll take home a permanent memento of your adventure, and the know-how to do it all again!

This day will start promptly at Katalina's Cupcakes, 74 Whitney Ave., and end at the shop (26 Whitney Avenue). See you there!

Sunday, June 4, 10:00-2:30
$80 (yarn/pattern incl.)

June 17th = KNITBOMB!!!

Yarn BombJoin us for our annual celebration of creative energy, creative people, and our beloved city. We take to the streets, decking the landscape with an array of knitting, crochet, and whatever other yarniness we can devise in our favorite day of colorful improvisation. We provide yarn, swatches, needles, snacks, chairs, and plenty of good cheer for an afternoon together. Join up--we'd love to see you!

Saturday, June 17th, 11:00-5:00

The Fine Print:
for the sake of our teachers and their preparation, we require that you pre-register for our classes. We occasionally have same-day space available--but we urge you to call ahead!
- many classes require "basic knitting skills." By these we mean comfort with knitting, purling, casting on and binding off.
- all classes require payment in full at the time of registration.
- if we cancel a class, we give you store credit.
- if you cancel your registration with 72 hours notice, we give you store credit.
- late cancellations are not refundable.
- we ask that you purchase all class-related patterns and fiber from Knit New Haven.

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